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Productivity on Autopilot
Streamline repetitive tasks, assign leads, and trigger actions seamlessly, freeing up your time to focus on high-impact aspects of your business. Let Easyly's Automations work in the background to boost your efficiency.
Effortless Customer Engagement
Keep the conversation flowing effortlessly and interact with your customers without manual intervention. Whether it's sending updates, personalized messages, or important documents - keep your customers engaged without requiring constant attention.
Your Workflow, Your Way—Automated
Set up intelligent triggers and actions to keep your business processes moving, even when you're not actively managing them. Let automation work for you, maintaining the rhythm of your operations with minimal effort.
Send email
When new lead arrives
Send SMS
1 Day after lead assigned to me
Assign tag
When lead status changes to DONE
Assign to Michael
When lead tag changes to "HOT"
Send contract
1 Week after lead arrives
Send email
When status changes to "Review"

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Easyly's Automations - Transforming How You Work, One Automated Task at a Time

Time-Sensitive Follow-ups

Set triggers for follow-ups to keep your customers engaged without the need for manual scheduling, allowing you to nurture relationships effortlessly.

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Proactive Status-Based Triggers

Stay ahead of the game with status-based triggers in Easyly's Automations. Automate actions based on changes in lead status, ensuring your team is informed and can act promptly.

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Time-Saving Workflow Optimization

Easyly's Automations are designed with a focus on efficiency and time-saving. Streamline your workflow, reduce manual intervention, and let Easyly's Automations handle the rest.

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Save Time, Do More & Boost Productivity.

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