Flat pricing, no management fees.

Whether you’re one person trying to get ahead or a big firm trying to take over the world, we’ve got a plan for you.


$49/ user

You’re new to CRM's but want to do it right. Get started now.

  • Up to 30 custom fields
  • 5 GB of file storage
  • 20 active automations
  • 10,000 Emails/month


$79/ user

You’ve been doing it for a while. Grow your business faster.

  • Up to 80 custom fields
  • 30 GB of file storage
  • 100 active automations
  • 30,000 Emails/month
  • Custom user permissions
  • Full access to API & Webhooks
  • Priority customer support


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You’ve got a huge amount of assets but it’s not enough. To the moon.

  • Unlimited custom fields
  • Unlimited file storage
  • Unlimited automations
  • Unlimited Emails/month
  • Custom user permissions
  • Full access to API & Webhooks
  • Priority customer support

Frequently asked questions

If you have anything else you want to ask, reach out to us.

    • What is Easyly and how can it benefit my business?

      Easyly is a CRM and automation platform designed to simplify business operations, allowing companies to focus on growth. Its key features include bulk SMS and email sending, automations, online payments integration, online document signing, customizable lead boards, custom reports, API & webhooks options, a calendar with events, tasks center, customer panel, in-system credits, and more.

    • How does the pricing structure work for Easyly?

      Easyly offers two main plans: Startup and Professional, along with an Enterprise plan. The pricing is based on a per-user model, starting from $39 per month (annually). The Startup plan is priced at $49 per month for monthly payments and $39 per month for yearly payments. The Professional plan is $79 per month for monthly payments and $63 per month for yearly payments. Additional services like phone number purchases are available for $2 per month.

    • Can I try Easyly before committing to a subscription?

      Yes, Easyly offers a 14-day free trial, allowing users to explore the platform and its features before making a subscription commitment. During this trial period, users can experience firsthand how Easyly can benefit their business operations

    • How secure is Easyly in handling sensitive business information?

      Easyly prioritizes the security of your sensitive business information. All data is backed up regularly and distributed across three different databases in three different continents to ensure fast deliverability. To safeguard communication, Easyly employs encryption protocols, and all data is stored securely. These measures are in place to provide a high level of security and protect your business information.

    • What integrations does Easyly support?

      Easyly supports third-party integrations through APIs and webhooks. We also provide built-in integrations for emails, SMS messages, Zapier integrations and more.

    • Is customer support available, and how can I reach out for assistance?

      Customer support is available, and users can reach out for assistance through the live support chat or email us at support@easyly.com. Our support team is very responsive and will get back to you as soon as possible.

    • Is there a setup fee?

      Easyly provides free setup and onboarding for annual and quarterly packages. Customers who wish to pay month to month can use our setup guides to configure their account on their own. Exceptions may be made by contacting our support team and requesting a quote for onboarding.

    • what types of businesses is Easyly suited for?

      Easyly is made for any business that deals with leads or customer opportunities to manage sales, marketing, contracts, billing and more. It can help any business from any device to perform those tasks.

    • Does Easyly have a mobile app?

      Easyly is a 100% cloud based platform that can be accessed and used from any device with a wifi or data connection. It is built a a responsive webapp and takes the shape of whatever device you use in a responsive manner. If saved on your device home screen it works just like an app.

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